“You’re either incredibly brave or incredibly fucking stupid!”

Noel Gallagher has revealed how Lars Ulrich feared that his decision to quit Oasis would be “f*****g stupid”.

The former Oasis guitarist, 50, opened up in a Beats1 interview with the Metallica drummer, and reminded him of how he had been cautious about Noel’s decision to quit the iconic group in 2009.

“I remember, the day after I left Oasis I got a text from the drummer of Metallica”, Noel joked.

“And he said to me, words to the effect of, ‘you’re either incredibly brave or incredibly fucking stupid!’

“And I text him back and said, ‘I think it’s going to be alright.’ I’m really happy about what we did in the past but I’m really fucking happy where I am now.”

The split came only hours before a headline performance at Paris’ Rock en Seine Festival in 2009, when the warring siblings had a fight in a backstage compound.

The same interview saw Noel open up on his plans for the future, admitting that he’s got enough material for two more solo albums.

“I’ve got a whole backlog of songs, I write all the time so I’ve got plenty of material,” Gallagher told Lars Ulrich.

“I’m going to make another record with David in this way but the last one took four years so I’ll probably have to make another one alongside it in the more traditional sense.”

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