When R. Kelly posted a song called “I Admit”Monday, social media leaned in to hear whether the singer was ready to talk frankly about the multiple sexual abuse allegations that had been lodged against him.

Although Kelly, 50, admitted to liking younger girls and rough sex in the lyrics, he denied he was a pedophile and pushed back against allegations that he operated a sex cult, as Buzzfeed reported last July. According to reporter Jim DeRogatis, who interviewed the families of two young aspiring singers who have been involved with Kelly, the singer first stoked their musical ambitions, then began sexual relationships with them and moved them into his homes. At that point, they cut off contact with people back home, according to DeRogatis’ reporting.

“What’s the definition of a cult? What’s the definition of a sex slave?” the singer asked on the track. “Go to the dictionary, look it up. Let me know, I’ll be here waiting.”

Kelly spent the majority of the track’s 19 minutes lamenting his finances, claiming to be illiterate and calling out other people. His targets include DeRogatis, the Buzzfeed writer who has investigated the abuse allegations for two decades. He also faulted Spotify for removing him from playlists over his alleged conduct. He also accused John Legend and TV host Steve Harvey of trying to “tear down another brother.”

While some intrepid souls began dissecting and annotating the lyrics on, hundreds more headed to Twitter to register their complaints and confusion.

A sampling:

Delete your career

“I just read the lyrics to R Kelly’s new 19-minute song called ‘I Admit It I Did It.’  His lack of self-awareness is atrocious,” rapper Talib Kweli wrote. “There are several lyrics I take offense to. The one I will address is “I’m just a man.” I am also a man. I would never use that to defend this behavior.”

New York Magazine music critic @CraigSJ issued this summation: “R. Kelly dropped a 20-minute emotional trap song called ‘I Admit’ where he said his music is a service to the country and his accusers and their families are liars and scammers. Dude finished.”

And yet this may not be the end of R. Kelly

“That’s gotta be the final straw, right? No? Really? WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE????” Sentences that conveniently work for conversations about Donald Trump or R. Kelly,” wrote one user.

@Luvvie also compared the continued tolerance for R. Kelly to that for President Donald Trump:  “It’s like Trump supporters being all ‘WE KNOW HE CAN’T READ BUT HE IS OUR PRESIDENT. RESPECT HIM.’ “

You can’t separate the art from this artist

“You can’t make that distinction between art and artist” in this case, argued @ReignofApril. “R Kelly SINGS about abusing underage girls. The money he makes from concerts & album sales has insulated him from repercussions. FOR DECADES.”

Listen to the women instead of this song

“Maybe instead of listening to the new R Kelly song, we could listen to the women who have been accusing him of sexual violence for nearly 20 years, just an idea!” suggested @jessicagolds.

“When will Black Girls be more important than backyard anthems?” asked @blackgirlblues. “Black girls deserve our protection. Black girls deserve our belief. #blackgirlsmatter #MuteRKelly”

Seriously, who thought this was a good idea?

@coolghost101 posted video footage of “R. Kelly trying to save his career.”

“r. kelly should say sacha baron cohen tricked him into making that song and then go check into the nearest jail,” suggested Mike_Eagle.

When R. Kelly’s name is trending – but not for the reason you’d hoped

“I saw R. Kelly trending and figured he finally got arrested and I can’t believe I’m still that naive,” lamented @JessicaValenti.

There’s only one scenario where @andizeisler wants to see his name in headlines.

Sirius XM host John Fugelsang summed up users’ dilemma upon opening Twitter: “When it’s a Monday morning and both R. Kelly & Iran are trending and you’re not sure which one will be scarier to click on.”

It’s dirty work but someone has to do it

“Shouts to the intern at Genius spending their Monday currently transcribing VERSE 8 of this r kelly song tho,” @desunice said.

The only people listening more intently than the intern? The police, guessed @Daft_Kiid.

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