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Klassic footage unearthed

KISS are well known for their extensive merchandise, including their very own KISS Kasket for burials, but they aren’t so keen on you flaunting other people’s wares at them.

Wary of looking like a fanboy, one interviewer wore an Iron Maiden T-shirt to talk to the band, and they weren’t having any of it.

A video interview with the band from their joint tour with Mötley Crüe back in 2012 found its way on YouTube last week, and has since gone very viral indeed, being picked up by Planet Rock and others in the process.

Kiss frontman Gene Simmons (Getty)
Kiss frontman Gene Simmons (Getty)

The key moment comes when singer Paul Stanley points out the offending shirt and says: “Gustavo, I have a question to ask. KISS is K-I-S-S. This does not spell KISS, Gustavo. You made a big mistake.”

Gustavo quite fairly replies: “Honestly, I picked this t-shirt specially to do the interview with you guys.

“It’s not cool to wear a KISS t-shirt doing a KISS interview.”

The rest of the band then join in, with co-lead singer Gene Simmons saying: That’s not gonna happen, I don’t want him wearing an Iron Maiden t-shirt. How about an Iron Maiden interview and we wear KISS t-shirts? Is that okay?

“You don’t understand… well, you can put it on backwards. Just put it backwards. You can put it on backwards.”

Poor Gustavo mumbles something about only wearing it to get a free T-shirt and Stanley picks up the thread, tapping his forehead.

“Gustavo is very smart,” he says. “How do I get a KISS T-shirt for free? You show up with the wrong T-shirt.”

As things calm down, Gustavo needles the band a bit, asking: “Do you guys want every journalist wearing KISS t-shirts while doing KISS interviews?”

Stanley replies: “I don’t want them wearing other t-shirts

“We love [Iron Maiden’s] Steve [Harris], we love Bruce [Dickinson], we love Nicko [McBrain].

“We love them all, but you’re at a KISS concert. It doesn’t show respect. You’re in our house.”

Gene Simmons
Gene Simmons without the makeup (Getty)

Drummer Eric Singer, who had kept quiet up until this point, then adds: “If you went to a Raiders game, you wouldn’t wear the other team’s jersey.”

Gustavo then does the only thing he can, taking off his Maiden T-shirt and putting it on back-to-front.

Then after what looks like a quick edit, the band offer him a “gift” of his own KISS T-shirt.

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