Conor McGregor’s future may be in jeopardy after a video was released showing him attacking a bus full of several UFC fighters in New York. It’s possible the star may be arrested for his involvement in the melee that left one UFC contender cut and bloodied.

TMZ first reported the news along with the harrowing video filmed from inside the bus. In it, McGregor can be seen running in front of the vehicle just after glass shattered from the side he was on. In another video from a different angle, it’s clear McGregor broke the window using a dolly. Later, a member of his entourage throws a chair that cracks the front windshield of the bus before it’s able to get behind security gates.

Fighters were in attendance at the Barclays Center arena for a media event ahead of UFC 223. Police sources told the outlet that the NYPD received a call reporting a fight between roughly 25 males, with EMS responding to treat injuries. Michael Chiesa is reportedly hospitalized from injuries caused by the broken window and it’s unclear if he’ll be able to fight at UFC 223 as planned.


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It’s unclear exactly what provoked the fight, but some turmoil surrounding McGregor’s return to the octagon may shed some light.

According to The Washington Post, McGregor took issue with UFC president Dana White saying that the upcoming bout between Max Holloway and Khabib Nurmagomedov on April 7 will decide the new UFC lightweight championship with no qualifier in front of the title. McGregor won the title in 2016, but stepped away from the UFC last year in order to train for his highly-publicized boxing match with Floyd Mayweather. It seems that McGregor took issue with the idea of being stripped of his title.

White told TMZ that this is “bigger than us firing him” in reference to McGregor, hinting that the star may be in greater legal trouble for the scuffle.

It’s unclear at this time if any action will be taken against McGregor for the incident. The NYPD told Fox News it had nothing to report on the incident at this time, but that it is investigating the incident.

In a video tweeted by an ESPN reporter, White says that a warrant is out for McGregor’s arrest and that he will not be able to leave the state on a plane because of it.

“They’re looking for him right now. His plane cannot take off, he cannot leave the state of New York with this warrant. He’ll be grounded. I’m assuming, eventually, if they don’t catch him, he’ll turn himself in,” White says. “I imagine he’s going to be sued beyond belief and… this is a real bad career move for him.”

It’s worth noting that, despite White’s claims, the NYPD confirmed to Fox News that it does not currently have a warrant out for Mr. McGregor’s arrest. Reps for White did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

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